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An app dedicated to the motorcycle community to create, manage, share rides together.
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There is so much you can do here

When you use MMR you are provided with not 1 not 2 but 5 main feature for free.


Create, Manage and share your rides with others. We suggest multiple routes for your ride, fastest one or curviest one. You chose


Explore our carefully crafted challenges which will open up new roads and places for you.

Interesting places to ride

Find 1000s of interesting places to ride to from mountains to beaches to forest track and much much more.
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Explore the world

MMR helps you to explore rides, places and riders around you. We have more than 10000s of point of interest on the map
Explore the world

Social feed

Explore what others are doing in feed section. Follow their rides or add their shared interesting places in your to fav places list too
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Become a part of this amazing growing community of
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